Friday, January 25, 2008

New AmErykah: The 4th World War

This is a piece I did in preparation for my girl Erykah Badu's new record that drops on February 26th. Considering the title of the new album and the title of this post I figured that the imagery in the image was appropriate.

I contacted E.Badu's publicist over the summer and got this message:
"Thank you for your interest in working with Ms. Badu. However, at this time her artwork for the upcoming music projects is already in process. As you can imagine, she has a team of artists that she works with on her various projects from merchandise, websites to album covers (or should I say CD covers!).

I will keep your contact information as from time-to-time she does change or add artists.

Peace and Blessings"

Erykah if you're reading this, know that I HAVE to work for you before I die! One day...One day...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Robert Redford

This is a piece that I did as a Christmas present to my wife this year. She happens to be a bit obsessed over "Robbie" (his household nickname) and though I'm not a HUGE fan (haven't really seen a lot of his work), I do admire his acting in "The Way We Were", which is where I pulled this image. The idea behind the piece is that it's an homage to the doodling one does in your notebook when you have a crush, or a secret admiration for someone.