Monday, March 10, 2008

Ma Dukes Yancey

This piece was done for Scheme magazine. It was to go with an interview of Ma "Dukes" Yancey, mother of well-renowned poetic genius/producer of all things funky and fly J. Dilla. I wasn't given much to work with so I emailed analoguegirl and she gave me some insight on the mother/son relationship between the two of them. Thanks E. I hope you all like. Part 2, diving deeper into their relationship to come at a later date...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Piece of Luna

This illustration was for a book review in this coming week's City Paper. It was for a book review of the book Black Postcards: A Rock and Roll Romance. It was written by Dean Wareham, lead guitarist and vocalist for the bands Galaxie 300, Luna, and Dean & Britta. This piece addresses the romantic side of Dean who had an affair with Britta (the lead voice for the 1980's cartoon Jem), who was in Luna, which broke up his marriage and was the start of Dean & Britta, now performing near you.