Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prince VS Madonna VS Michael

This was done for the Ottobar's (in Baltimore) annual Prince/Madonna/Michael dance party. The idea is that Madonna, Michael and Prince are the foundation of pop music, much like the color wheel is the foundation of color. While designing this I thought of the colored circles on cans of spray paint. As a result, I decided to add some spray paint to tie it all together, along with some symbols to evoked royaliy and religion (naturally). 


alex fine illustration said...

I saw this poster at the Ottobar the other night. Great job, the colors are really attention getting and the design is really successful.

donaldely2 said...

Thanks Alex! I appreciate it. I was thinking of making the illustration part of it into a t-shirt. But who knows when that will be. I need screen printing lessons. Any recommendations?