Monday, May 10, 2010

Free Yo Mind/Film Fest Frenzy/Throwdown

Here are three semi-recent pieces. The first one, "Free Yo Mind" is for my tentatively titled book "Baptized in Fonk". The second piece I did for Baltimore City Paper's Film Fest Frenzy issue. I've always wanted to illustrate a special issue for the City Paper and wasn't asked until recently to do this for them. I love the way it printed and wish that I could have done some spots to go with it. Maybe next time. The third piece I did for Baltimore magazine's Charm City Chatter column. The piece depicts the "Throwdown" between Baltimore chef Rodney Henry and Bobby Flay. Apparently they were recorded for Flay's "Throwdown" show and they baked quiches. 

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alex fine illustration said...

All 3 are great!! I noticed the City Paper cover from across the street. I also love the Throwdown illo. I ran into Rodney right after the show taped, great way to capture the day.